Hey Twitter, Please Don't Ruin SoundCloud

Remember Twitter Music? Probably not. The ill-fated recommendation service started as We Are Hunted, which was a great independent service until Twitter bought it, tanked its music ambitions, and killed it. Now there's a rumor Twitter has its roving eye on SoundCloud. We really hope history isn't about to repeat… » 5/19/14 3:04pm 5/19/14 3:04pm

Lil B Lines Make The Best High School Yearbook Quotes

We all know the feeling: It's the end of your high school career, the four most formative years of your young life, and you want to pick that perfect quote to embody the wisdom you've gleaned on your journey. That so many of our young people are choosing Lil B-inspired quotes bodes well for our country's future. » 5/19/14 11:14am 5/19/14 11:14am

Here's Your Seasonal Hip Hop Playlist: Winter Edition

I hope we're starting to thaw out soon, but until then, here's the winter edition of the Seasonal Hip Hop Playlist. New stuff from Rick Ross, SchoolBoy Q, and Ty Dolla $ign getting a whole lotta airtime. Honestly, most of the Beach House EP has found a post on this playlist. Let it keep you warm until the weather… » 3/05/14 11:54am 3/05/14 11:54am