Migos has a new track with Justin Bieber and it's killer. It's also served to further cement the fact that Migos loves broccoli. They love it. And they rap about broccoli* more often than anyone else. Here is the proof:

*I recognize that broccoli is a slang term for money (and sometimes weed, shoutout E-40), but it's more fun, in this scenario, to think of it as the literal definition.


Why you n****s pocket watching/you should be stackin' that broccoli

Charles Barkley

Charles Barkley, 34 oz got the broccoli


Charles Barkley/I got that broccoli


Activis, I don't do quality (lean!)/Lettuce and cabbage and broccoli (cash!)

You a Foo

Fuckin yo bitch and I take her shopping/she look good, what you buy her
34 pints, you know I got that broccoli



Broccoli broccoli, Young Offset on top of you n****s like I'm an apostrophe/No monopoly