All of the videos for Oxymoron have been so real. And a little dark. Directed by Yellow Nguyen and Moosa, this is the new visual for Hoover Street, and it falls into that same territory.

I find it a little bit jarring and disturbing, but at the same time it's honest. Oxymoron is pretty biographical, and SchoolBoy makes no bones about where he came from and how it's sometimes hard to reconcile that with where he is now and I can get down with that. That honesty and that vulnerability is something hip hop needs more of.

I suppose that sentiment summarizes how I feel about Oxymoron as a whole (and more or less, how I feel about Q). Take "Man of the Year" for example. I dig that song. Maybe one of my favorites of the year. It's catchy! But it's dark, and the beat is haunting and the message is "yeah I'm successful and I'm doing this but the world is still really fucked up in spite of the money and the girls and the fame." Sure he's puffing himself up, but at the same time it's very self-deprecating and Q's calling himself man of the year with a little hint of sarcasm. I get stuck on the image of him looking bored as hell, spitting a verse, while a beautiful woman shakes her ass on his face. He sits there unfazed. It's real and it's good.